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The Campara Sugar with Spice Experience…

Hello gorgeous! Yes, that’s you and our camera lens is ready to capture your signature style, sensuality and personality.

The makeup, the hair styling and the photography all blend seamlessly to let your inner Sugar with Spice emerge. You are the goddess, so let your beauty show.

Welcome to your Sugar with Spice Experience.

Cast any nervousness aside as our beauty team warmly greets you and works easy yet remarkable magic as you sip on a glass of wine or champagne, and — before you know it — you’re posing, smiling and fully enjoying the Sugar with Spice Experience.


      Sexy, Playful, Elegant

Whether you’re celebrating a personal milestone (such as reaching a fitness goal or upcoming birthday) — or glamming it up for what will be a flirty gift to your significant other — a Sugar with Spice Session will make you feel sassy, gorgeous and utterly divine. (Trust us, your partner will flip when he sees your photos.) No matter what brings you to book your session, you’ll walk away deservedly recharged with a sense of energy, joy and self-esteem. (And, soon afterward, you’ll see the stunning photographs that capture your renewed spirit.) Many women report a newfound confidence after their sessions that has notably improved their relationships with others — and themselves.

Boudoir photography is a fantastic way to dress up and feel glamorous! I focus on your amazing Make-Over to give you that covergirl look and with clever posing, lighting and retouching every girl can look model perfect.

During your Boudoir photo shoot I aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible. I understand it can be a bit nerve-wracking but I am very friendly and I don't have perfect body either!

I offer a private & relaxed makeover experience. There's really no need to feel nervous. I will assist you throughout the whole session to make you feel as beautiful as you already are. Your inner beauty will shine from the inside out,              

I Guarantee it!

Boudoirs are a even special gift for the new moms to be with their beauty baby bump. You can dare to bare as much or as little as you want. Kimberly is the only person present during your photo session. My goal is to make you feel totally at ease during the session itself and provide you with a set of images that will amaze you


  Chic, Polished, Romantic. 

KCPKCP If you dream of images that undoubtedly look as if they belong on the pages of a fashion magazine but you don’t necessarily want anything risqué, a Sugar with Spice Beauty Session is your ticket to runway-worthy radiance. It includes the same professional makeup and hairstyle services as our Aphrodite Boudoir Session, but the photo shoot is not boudoir.

Think of the Sugar with Spice Beauty Session as a high-end fashion shoot with you in your favorite and most-flattering attire and jewelry. The photos will be charming, beautiful and appropriate to show your friends and family, whether they’re displayed in a custom album or as your new social media profile pic.


KCP-8KCP-8 Why wait for your Sugar with Spice Beauty Experience?  

Anytime is the right time!

 Keeping your desires in mind, we offer two styles of photography: Sugar with Spice Boudoir Sessions & Sugar with Spice Beauty Sessions.

What session is right for your special day?


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The Sugar with Spice Experience Revealed   Campara Aphrodite Boudoir and Beauty Photography ProductsCampara Aphrodite Boudoir and Beauty Photography Products

 Two weeks after your Sugar with Spice shoot, we'll contact you for your image reveal. Rest assured, you’ll be amazed when your edited images appear on the screen. You never knew you could look so stunning. You’ll check out of our products – albums, folios, image boxes and more — and then order your custom-designed book. 


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